D&D Letterpress began with the rescue of a 1920’s Chandler and Price hand-fed and foot treadled printing press, ‘Wendy’, from an old hospital that was about to be demolished. Really it began before that, with Doug & Danika meeting and falling in love while studying design at university. When they combined their expertise in design, their passion for the hand-crafted and this beautiful, ninety year old hunk of cast iron, D&D Letterpress was born and grew with more cast iron presses along the way.

Over the years D&D Letterpress has established itself as one of Australia’s leading letterpress studios. They pride themselves on quality and have gained a name for their attention to detail, knowledge and expertise on the letterpress process, working with amazing brands and designers around Australia (and beyond). 

Image of D&D (and Huxley) in their studio by Bec Haycraft

Doug and Danika in their D&D Letterpress Studio with Huxley the dog keeping watch